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Social Welfare Corporation ATAGO kv

What is Certify?

We provide a range of services aimed at ensuring that all people in society are able to enjoy what we believe to be the three ideals of social welfare.


'A society where people can enjoy a safe and happy old age'

Everybody wants to be healthy, but nowadays 'health' doesn' t just mean a long life. Surely it means being able to enjoy a long, fulfilling life, living independently, the way you want to.


'The Normalization principle'

This refers to the creation of a society where all people, regardless of disability, have the opportunity to build the life they want to live. In this day and age we believe that we should all work to create an environment where all people respect each other and their right to a happy and fulfilling life.


'Nurturing humans'

With the increasing prevalence of the nuclear family, it is becoming ever more important to provide the right kind of education and support, to ensure that all children are comfortable with their own sense of individuality and can grow to be strong, independent members of society.