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Certify Inc. kv

Corporate Information

Three are sponsoring a solid operating Foundation under various certification exams.

Company Name Certify Inc.
Capital Assets 100 million yen
HQ AK Building3-3-14 Kyobashi Chou-ku Tokyo
TEL 0120-031-749 FAX 0120-031-750
E-Mail info@certify.jp URL http://sikaku.gr.jp/
Business Operations Development and distribution of various professional proficiency and certification exams and related teaching and preparation materials for all forms of educational institutes, services companies, and individual consumers.
Main Backers Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank, and Daishi Bank

Company background

1983 Japan Information Processing Education Association established.
Information Processing Engineering Proficiency test started
1988 Word Processing Proficiency Test started
1992 C Language Programming Proficiency Test started
Japan Hotel Business Educational Association established.
Hotel Business Proficiency Test started
1994 Visual Basic ® Programming Proficiency Test started
1995 System Admin Proficiency Test started
Excel ® Proficiency Test started
Multimedia Educational Association established.
Illustrator ® Creators Proficiency Test started
Photoshop ® Creators Proficiency Test started
1996 Japan Software Educational Association established.
Word Proficiency Test started
Access Business Database Proficiency Test started
2000 Java Programming Proficiency Test started
Web Use and Engineering Certification Association established
Internet User Ability Test started
2001 Web Creators Proficiency test started
PowerPoint ® Presentation Skills Test started
Flash Creators Proficiency test started
Certify co. Ltd.
2002 All Certification Commissions must certify organizational changes
2003 Japanese Language Communication Ability Certification Commission established.
Japanese Language Communication Ability Proficiency test started
2004 Professional Copyright Examination Commission established.
Professional Copyright Test start
2005 Professional Webpage Compliance Examination Commission established.
Business Compliance test started
2007 Fundamental Information Technology Engineer examination started
COBOL Programming Proficiency test stared
2008 Care Communication established
Care Communications Assessment test started