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Clear AC kv

Operational Background

Currently operating the Clear CPA Academy and 12 other schools providing proficiency and certification instruction and exams in various vocational fields, as well as support for college, university and vocational school programs at various levels.

Clear Specialities

Clear original method

Providing pin point study methods to ensure exam success, aiming for consistent attainment of passing grades.

The contents of study will be focused and limited to material necessary to pass exams.
The main point is to focus on material that is likey to be included in tests, teaching students to disregard unnecessary information and instead focus on being able to compete with their peers and not waste time on what may prove to be irrelevant material.

Provide a level of instruction necessary to pass any exam, focusing only on the points necessary.

Teach the basic necessities needed to pass any exam. Provide the techniques and shortcuts to build upon the foundations of knowledge, as well as the correct approach for the maximum results with the minimum of time and effort.

Clear original method

Take the time necessary to cover all topics included in any examination.

Exam topics cover an enormous amount of subject matter, to do it all takes too much time. Most people can not do it all in a short period of time. Even if they do, most likely they are unable to retain the material and often fail the exam as a result.

The guidance necessary to pass exams with help from instructors, fellow students and the school

Inspire and motivate students for the test.

For example, if the students get discouraged, they can use the Pass Navigation system to help them identify the right subjects required for success, in order to use their time efficiently. Using the best methods possible to overcome any difficulties, because too much concentration on the wrong items can result in failure.

Teachers, fellow students and the school's staff must follow each other and provide assistance when necessary from the beginning. The three can help navigate students around any difficulties or problems areas that students may encounters. In other words, TOTAL SUPPORT

Services for Clear non-commuting students

The DVD materials provided to our non-commuting students are all distributed from the central school along with additional preparatory materials.

Our 12 Professional Schools

Clear CPA Academy / Clear Tax Accounting Academy / Clear Record Keeping Academy / Clear Public Official Academy
Clear Legal Secretary Academy / Clear Welfare Specialist Academy / Clear Notary Public Academy
Clear Construction Management Academy / Clear Trade & Customs Academy / Clear MFP Specialist Academy
Clear Financial Planning Academy / Clear Travel Management Academy

Clear Electronic Academy offers the exact same programs as our regular schools.

A web based program is scheduled to be opened soon, offering the same course as available to commuting students, making use of videos of lectures and other materials.