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Clear AC kv

Company Information

Address 2-7-13 Nishi Kanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0065
TEL.03-3221-0421 FAX.03-3221-7987 http://www.crear-ac.co.jp
Founded April 27, 1998
Capital Assets 70 million yen
CEO Hideki Kakimori
Sales volume Approximately 1.9 billion yen.
Employee numbers 67
Main Backers Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mizuho Bank and Risona Bank
Business Operations We provide Proficiency and Certification examination as well as preparatory materials to educational institutions and individuals.
Certification Types CPA / Record Keeping / Tax Accounting / Public Official / Career Guidance
Legal Records / Welfare and Social Work / Notary Public / Customs Official
Commercial Trading / Construction Supervisor / Welfare Coordination
Travel Management / Financial Planner / Middle Level Financial Management
Retail and Sales / Business and Clerical
Affiliated Schools Clear Accounting Academy / Clear Tax Accounting Academy
Clear Record Keeping Academy / Clear Public Official College
Clear Legal Clerical Academy / Clear Welfare Academy / Clear Notary Academy
Clear Construction Academy / Clear Customs Agent Academy / Clear FP Academy
Clear MLFM Academy / Clear Travel Academy / Clear Publishing
Schools Suidobashi School / Shibuya School / Takadababa School / Tachikawa School
Machida School / Yokohama Ekimae School / Umeda School / Kyoto School
Kobe Sannomiya School / Kumagaya School / Niigata School / Nagano School
Matsumoto School / Shizuoka School / Kanazawa School / Naha School
Affiliated Schools Chuo University / Tokai University / Yokohama City College / Meisei University
Den En Chofu University / Japan Women's University / Chiba Commercial College
Kanto University / Tokyo Electronics University / Daito Culture University
Kanagawa University / Kyoei University / Bunkyo University / Dokyou University
Meikai University / Jobu University / Tsukuba International University
Tokyo International University / Musashino University / Naomi Gakuen University
Doho University / Chubu University / Tokyo Kezai University
Jubunji Womens Gakuen University / Saitama Engineering University
Kokushikan University / Seigakuin University / Toin University of Yokohama
Tokyo Kafu University
Testing refidate Tokyo University / HItosubashi University / Waseda University / Keio University
Chuo University / Aoyama Gakuin Unversity / Meiji University / Gakushuin University
Senshu University / Kokugakuin University / Tokyo International University
Tokyo Womens University / Asia University / Soka University
An additional 90 public and private colleges through out Japan.
Enterprise Research NHK Gakuen / Japan Manpower / Japan Business Foundation
JMA Management Center / Production University / ICE / Kinki Japan Tourist
Kawai Juku
40 other companies.

Company background

1962 The Business Management Association(BMA) was founded.
1969 The BMA changed to the Tokyo Commercial Education School. It began offering Tax Accounting, CPA and Commercial Record Keeping programs amongst others.
1975 Tokyo Legal School was founded.
1979 The Vocational School Entity reorganized into the Tokyo Commercial Trade School and The Tokyo Legal Vocational School
1985 The Tokyo Legal Vocational School became the first school in Tokyo to be certified as the Tokyo Legal Vocational Gakuin School
1994 Hosho Publishing was founded. Begins lending and selling of materials.
1995 The University and Continuing educational division was opened.
1998 Know How Vocational School which provided services to university and adult students separates and becomes the independent Clear Academy.
1998 Electronic Education Division Opens.
1999 Aiming at all public and private universities nationwide, basic employee aptitude tests begin at more than 30 locations.
2001 Clear CPA Academy opens along with 13 other schools including Clear Publishing.