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Educe Holdings Group kv

Company Information

Company Name Educe Holdings Inc.
Address 501 Benten Building 6F,3-2-20 Benten Chuo-ku Niigata City, Niigata
Founded August 22, 2001
Main Backers Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank and Daishi Bank
Corporate Holdings. The Wenet and Certify Groups are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Educe Group,
which aims to govern, manage and support these two companies.

Company background

The Groups qualification and professional educational publishing business was begun under the previous company KOKUSAI SOGO GAKUIN in 1983. In June 2001, the company had expanded to a point where it seperated from the main company and continued to provide the same services. In August 2003, the current company began operations and all remaining shares were transferred to the current company. This allowed up to maintain and improve upon our services of both of our subsidiaries.

Subsidiary Background

April 1983 Kokusai General School (Now Wenet) was founded to provide educational consulting and materials necessary to pass todays certified tests.
April 1984 Began publishing and consulting operations.
April 1985 "Information Specialist Proficiency", "Record Keeping (secretary) Proficiency", "Book keeping Proficiency" materials released.
April 1986 "Motivational,Behavior Studies" material released.
March 1988 "Word Processing Proficiency Exam" began.
April 1989 "C Programing Proficiency Exam" and Hotel Management Proficiency Exam began and the corresponding textbooks were release.
April 1992 "Accounting" "Marketing and Sales" materials released.
April 1994 "Windows? Proficiency Exam", "Visual Basic® Programming Proficiency Exam" began.
April 1995 "Public Officials Examination" materials released.
September 1995 "Sys Admin Specialist Proficiency Exam", "Excel Accounting Proficiency Exam", "Illustrator Proficiency Exam", "Photoshop Proficiency Exam" began.
December 1995 "Employment Basics" materials released.
April 1996 "Word Proficiency" and "Access Business Database Proficiency" Exams began.
February 1998 "Multi-media Creative Contents" materials released.
March 1999 "Computer Applications Developer" materials released.
April 1999 Over 70 Schools and consulting groups in 50 cities.
July 2000 "Internet User Proficiency Exam" began. Corresponding teaching materials released.
September 2000 "Java Programming Proficiency Exam" began.
May 2001 "Web Creator Proficiency Exam" began.
June 2001 "PowerPoint Proficiency Exam" began. Certify Ltd was founded.
August 2001 Educe Holdings was founded.
September 2001 "Creative Flash Programming Proficiency Exam" began.
March 2002 "Communication and Presentation Proficiency" materials released as well as "IT Text" Materials.
March 2003 "Web Programming Proficiency Exam" began.
May 2003 "Employment Training" materials released.
June 2003 "Japanese Language Proficiency Exam" materials released.
July 2003 "Japanese Language Proficiency Exam" began.
October 2003 "Business Copywriting Exam" materials released.
February 2004 "Business Copywriting Exam" began.
June 2005 "Homepage Design Exam" began.
August 2005 "Business Compliance Exam" began.
March 2006 "Customer Relations and Communications"
March 2007 "Bridal Specialist Teaching Materials were released.
July 2007 "COBOL Programming Proficiency Exam" began.
November 2007 "Care Communications" teaching materials released.
January 2008 "International Beautician Proficiency Exam" materials released.
March 2008 "Care Communication Assessment Exam" began.
May 2008 "Communication Exam" materials were released.
June 2008 EBook "Internet Care Communications"
July 2008 "Care Communication Exam" began.
November 2008 "Communication Handbook"
January 2009 "Web Design Problems"
March 2009 "Medical Clerical Staff Communications".
March 2007 "ITS Passport Drills"