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Wenet Inc. kv

Business Operations


Original Textbook production and sales

Matching the needs of an increasingly diverse society with the plan to nurture future educators is the core concept of our original materials for education. We develop original education material for human resource groups and individuals. We provide a range of various business software, information processing, and materials to cover a wide range of skills in various vocations, such as civil servants, hotel & bridal, sales consultant, accounting, clerical, hairdresser, copywriting and compliance.


Ceritify Test Question Compendiums Sales.

Over the past 25 years we have administered over 1.8 million certification and proficiency exams. These tests provide a reliable indication of an individual's skills and abilities using a standard base mark. These skills have been proven to be business-ready, and are used by a diverse range of educational institutions and businesses.


Sales of all forms of education materials

We provide sales for all publishers, especially those for which our original material don't cover. This saves the end user from having to negotiate with each individual publishing company. We can order materials in bulk to save time and hassle. Individual sales are sent directly to the buyers location, with larger orders being shipped to schools or places of business. If you have any special needs, please contact us.


Support for all levels of education

We provide programs and materials to help promote communications skills, motivational materials, and all types of business skill development. We provide more than just textbooks, but also educational tools, novelty items, library materials, e-learning, and other items upon request.