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Wenet Inc. kv

Company Information

Basic skills, knowledge, and techniques which are needed by the business community has become more specialized over time, and more intelligent and professional communication skills have become more valuable.

Wenet is an IT company whose aim is to assist students, educational institutes and businesses with schools to learn various skills, including the related quality educational programs and to develop and sell materials related to human resource development.

Company Name Wenet Inc.
Founded April 28, 1983
Assists 200 million yen
Address 5th Floor Benton 501 3-2-30 Benten Chuo-ku Niigata City
TEL 025-246-9172 FAX 025-246-5828
Business Operations Sale and creation of original educational material, as well as other educational items and tools
Target Market We sell to all educational institutes as well as companies and private individuals.
Backing Institutes Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Mizuho Bank, and Daishi Bank

Company background

1983 April Wenet was founded.
1984 April "Basic Information Management Certification Exam", "Skills Exam", "Private Record Keeping, Recording sales began
1985 April Basic Motivational and Behavioral Materials sales began
1992 April C Programing Proficiency Exam" and Hotel Management Proficiency Exam began and the corresponding textbooks were release
1992 May Accounting, "Marketing and Sales" materials released
1994 June Basic System Administrator Proficiency Exam material released.
1995 April Civil Service Exam material released.
1995 July Basic Employment Skills exam material released.
1998 February Multimedia Creator Textbook materials released.
1999 March Computer Application Engineer Proficiency material released.
2000 July Internet User Proficiency Exam materials released.
2001 March Communication Proficiency, Presentation Proficiency IT Skill Text Series all released.
2003 May Employee Skills and Training materials released.
2003 June Japanese Language Communication Proficiency Exam materials released
2003 October Business Copywriting Certification Exam materials released.
2006 March Interview and Business Manners material released.
2007 February Adult Knowledge and Manners Handbook released.
2007 March Bridal Management Study Materials released.
2007 November Care Communications material released.
2008 January International Beautician Proficiency materials released.
2008 May Communications Certification materials released.
2008 June Internet based Care Communications IT-BOOK released.
2008 November Communication Handbook for Company Employees released
2009 January Web Design Proficiency Level 3 Questions Compendium released.
2009 March Medical Staff Care Communications material and IT Passport Drills material released
2009 November IT Passport Text materials released
2009 December Beautician Customer Relations and Manners material released.
2010 January Vocational School Students Employment Skills Proficiency Exam Question Compendium material released.
2010 February Photoshop Quick Master for CS to CS4 Bible, Illustrator Quick Master for CS to CS4 Bible, Helpful Language and Materials for Medical Professional materials released.
2010 March Care Communications for Welfare Staff and Dental Staff Care Communication materials released.
2010 October Web Design Engineers Certification Level 3 Guidebook materials released.
2011 January Basic Networking Textbook materials released.
2011 February Five Magic Doors To Help Boost Your Employment Skills material released.