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Clear AC kv


Recently, because of frequent social problems, the Japanese people have become more interested in the administration of government and enterprise.
Our company's philosophy is to foster open minded and forward-thinking individuals, with an aptitude for service. We have been putting it into action since our days as the Tokyo Commercial Association and the Tokyo Law School. In 1998 The Tokyo Commercial Association and The Tokyo Law School joined together to form the Clear Academy, in order to push our philosophy to nurture people who have potential. In 2001, we formed Clear Accounting and 13 other specialty schools to provide certification examinations, giving applicants the skills and qualifications they need in this increasingly competitive society.
We provide students and individuals with instruction and preparatory materials necessary for passing a wide variety of proficiency exams, including CPA and welfare examinations. We aim to develop the best materials and examinations needed in today's society As a result of our 25 years history, we successfully created our original study method "Pin Point Study". I would be overjoyed if any of our products help you to succeed.
Thank you very much.

Hideki Kakimori CEO