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Educe Holdings Group kv


Our mission is to develop the talent of those who
"Have the power to bring change"

Upon entering the 21st century, the changes to our environment have continued to accelerate and grow ever more complicated."The challenge to change" under these circumstances has become a key phrase in today's society. For example, we have been continuously asked how rapidly we can adapt to the ongoing wave of globalization and the needs for new technological develpments, or how we can deal with changes in the job market and tendency toward advanced ages not only as an enterprise but as both an individual and society. Those which produce "the power to change", are those who provide an education to others. We at the Educe Group, as a private educational enterprise are hoping to help to develop and nurture those who can deal these changes. For example, as a fully certified company, our goal is to produce an 'official certified proficiency test' and to identify and measure business ability and talent. As a result, we will be better able to match qualified individuals to organizations. Furthermore, we provide teaching aids which assure improvement in business skills to match the needs of the ever changing market place. The "challenge to change" is at the very core of our philosophy, every day our daily lives here at Educe Group.


Group Summary

At Educe Group we strategically manage and
support the business of developing
"people" with all their needs in today's
complicated and diverse society.
Educe Group will continue to grow and
develop with the market.

Right up to the 21st century, the Japanese employment system based upon a system of seniority where the age and education background、has been paramount, but now more and more, individual abilities and talents are taken into consideration. Many of those who have the motivation are trying to learn new things to build on their skills and abilities, to enable them to survive in this harsh business climate. The Educe Group is always providing educational business support to help them become individuals who can meet the needs of society and supporting their ambitions and intellectual desires. We do our best to support them to help society to the fullest.

The three principles of enterprise.

The Educe Goup manages two businesses. One is the business of The Qualification Certification Approvals under CERTIFY Inc. The other one is the publishing business by Wenet Inc., which produces teaching materials for the business education field. The stocks of CERTFY Inc. and Wenet Inc. are 100 percent owned by The Educe Group, which governs and manages these two companies' business. The Educe Group strives to maximize their performances and their values.